MERIENDA de EVA is the recently unveiled face of a long-established tradition of excellence in Filipino culinary delights, stretching back nearly a decade.

MERIENDA de EVA first began in 1992 as Sugar Cake Delight, a small home based operation, specializing in cakes, confectionery and fine pastry. Response was encouraging, and the client base grew steadily through word of mouth. Recognition of Eva’s quality Filipino foods resulted in the introduction of cake counters at the Royal Selangor Club and Lake Club in 1996, supplied exclusively by Sugar Cake Delight. In 1997, fueled by the overwhelming response, expansion continued in the form of a café called Summers Cakes & Deli in Section 11, Petaling Jaya.

The business suffered a major setback in 2000, when the café premises was destroyed in a blaze caused by a gas leak in a neighbouring shop. Despite this major setback, Eva, the owner of Sugar Cake Delight did not give up her passion for baking. She went back to basics, supplying her regular customers from home, baking and designing cakes for special occasions and running an exclusive catering service.

Over the past 9 years, Eva has continued to acquire and create new additions to her impressive range of delicious delectable’s, while perfecting her signature Filipino recipes.

MERIENDA de EVA (‘Snacks by Eva’ in Spanish) is the brainchild of Eva and her daughter, Shereen who shares her passion in the culinary arts. Together, they hope to revitalize the business, infusing it with contemporary flavor, and revolutionizing the way people perceive traditional desserts and savouries.

The name MERIENDA de EVA was inspired by Eva and Shereen’s Filipino heritage. Merienda, literally translated from Tagalog is ‘any snack or treat eaten between meals’ – anything from cookies and cakes, to delicately spiced savouries. Eva’s firm grounding in her culture, together with Shereen’s unique cosmopolitan exposure has the potential to bring this quaint concept to life here, introducing a host of new and exquisite Filipino treats to Malaysians.

MERIENDA de EVA specializes in a wide variety of exquisite Western and Filipino cakes and pastries, offering delicacies that cannot be found commercially anywhere else in Kuala Lumpur.